Chipping Sparrow, Bumble Bee, Butterfly, shells, and floral still life

This is my latest acrylic painting. I really enjoy the paintings of the dutch golden age and felt inspired to create my own floral still life painting. Ofcourse, I had to incorporate a bird because of my love for them. I captured an image of this little chipping sparrow in my back garden and incorporated him into this still life.


After finishing the still life with the chipping sparrow, I decided to work on a larger painting (3ft x 3ft) of a fawn, skunk, and rabbit. This painting is just beginning, and I will post images when it is complete.



Blue tufted titmouse and bee with floral still life

I am fairly happy with how this colored pencil drawing turned out, and plan on more art inspired by the Dutch golden age. I loved working in colored pencil, but may explore this them in paint too. I think that the medium of colored pencil is becoming more recognized in the fine art world. I used prisma color premier soft core pencils on canson mixed media 98 lb. paper.



Young eastern screech owls on a starry night


These two amorous young screech owls are original paintings by me – hand painted with acrylic paint.

Eastern screech owls come in three colors gray, brown, or a reddish/orange rust color that is mottled with darker gray. The reddish/orange rust colored screech owl is called a red morph. The brown morph has a lot of grays with browns. The grey morph has overall tones of grey. Pictured here are the brown morph and the red morph. The eastern screech owls will inter-mate between morphs, so they are indiscriminate of color when choosing a mate. The male will do a dance for the female, and if she likes it, she will move closer to him and eventually they will touch beaks. Eastern screech owls mate for life (The Owl Pages).


Barn Owls under a Full Moon and Stars


I love night walks, listening to the chorus of nature in the South.  The frogs and crickets dominate the melody, but occasionally the call of an owl can be heard. Living in the country with minor light pollution allows a good view of the stars. The display is magnificent. My latest painting of Barn Owls provided a deep study of their feathers. Female barn owls have deeper richer colors than their pale male counterparts. The pattern of their feathers seem to contain little galaxies of stars reflecting the night sky. They are truly beautiful creatures.

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