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I really love this product by Discovery Kids. Discovery Kids has not asked me to do a review and I am not benefiting from writing about this product in any way. I simply loved this Geography kit and wanted to share my experience with it and videos of my daughter displaying her knowledge of Geography. The kit comes with a large cloth world map and labels that have velcro on the back so that you can stick them on the map. Sometimes the labels will fall off, so you need to press hard to ensure the velcro stays attached to the cloth map. The whole kit is bright and colorful and a fun way to learn the continents, rivers, oceans, and countries of the world. There are also colorful animals that children can stick on the map and learn where that animal comes from. I picked my kit up on sale at my local department store for only ten dollars. I think they are normally twenty. I really got a good deal and we have had this for a while and it has good endurance.
Here are the videos of my daughter showing off the skills she learned.


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