Creative Animal Collage


Here is how you can create this art project with your kids.

Supplies: pencil, drawing paper, tracing paper, scissors, wall paper samples or patterned paper, glue stick

This project teaches children the elements of art: shape, pattern and color as well as analytic observation.

Artist link: Eric Carle

This project needs to develop over several days.

1. First talk to your kids about different shapes and have them draw all sorts of shapes such as circles, squares, tear drops, hearts, etc…

2. Then find some pictures of their favorite animal. Be sure to find something that shows the whole animal.

3. Lay tracing paper over the picture and have your child find the largest shapes first an outline them. (ex. Look at the owl pic – a large oval would be drawn around the main body) Keep looking for shapes and outlining them. Then use the tracing to help create a more simplified graphic of the animal using simple shapes. They can do this with the back ground too.

4. Practice sketching the animal using the simplified shapes.

5. Choose your favorite simplified shapes animal and enlarge with a photo copier.

6. Choose 4 printed papers with complimentary and contrasting color schemes.

7. Create stencils for the shapes by tracing the individual shapes of the animal and then use those to cut out shapes from printed paper.

8. Choose a printed paper for the background.

9. Layout cutout shapes to create the animal and background composition.

10. Once you are happy with your layout, glue them down with a glue stick.


2 thoughts on “Creative Animal Collage

  1. What a great idea, and I know the kids would love it. I’m visiting today from your sister’s blog (she gave a shout out). 🙂 Have a great week!!

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