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Sparrow on a dogwood branch

Sparrow on a dogwood branch

“His eye is on the sparrow.” The imagery of the sparrow brings comfort and a reminder of God’s care and providence. These are things that are easy to forget amid illness, wars and terrorism. A previous coworker and friend is in hospice care as his body is too weak to continue fighting the cancer that he has valiantly fought this past year. I cannot begin to understand what he and his family are going through. Nor can understand what the victims of the Nairobi mall attack are going through. What a horrible tragedy and act of utter violence. There are a lot of sorrows in the world lately and we can only put our hope in God’s providence and care.

The image of the sparrow is beautiful and I wanted to capture its beauty while playing around with some new watercolor sketching pencils combined with my Windsor and Newton watercolors. I started by laying out the image with a pencil drawing and then added tone with the water-soluble sketching pencils. I then built up the colors with the watercolor paints.

I lacked words to say with so much sadness in the world and could only paint this simple image of a sparrow on a dogwood branch.


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