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Time Warp

I am not a prolific blogger due to being a busy homeschooling mom and pastor’s wife. Blogging is also intimidating. Once your thoughts are published, you can not take them back. I admire the bravery of my many daily blogging friends.

Many of you busy moms will understand waking up one morning and realizing that several years have gone by in a blur. Life gets so busy that we do not realize the days are passing by like sand slipping through your fingers. It is so difficult to hold onto and grasp those grains of sand that represent precious moments involving our children.

My son is now fifteen and my daughter is now eight. I try to regularly view the film of memories in my mind of their first days – strolling through the memories to the current day. I don’t want those precious memories to fade with neglect.

We are now planning for the future event of my son going to University. It is hard to believe that in three short years, he will be a high school graduate. I want to put the brakes on time and keep him young longer, while he presses the gas pedal wanting to speed things up as he is looking forward to independence. My daughter is the opposite and says she wants to never grow up. She wants to fly to never-never land and be a child forever.

Another school year is culminating. I never say the school year is winding down because it doesn’t wind down. It seems to explode with activity and then ends abruptly leaving you out of breath.


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