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Earthquake in Haiti

It is disturbing news to hear about the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. We have a mission team there now and have not heard from them yet as well as other friends who live in Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and this disaster will hit them hard and destroy what little they have. Obama made a statement that there will possibly be aid sent from the US.


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A Frozen Day

Remember, as a child, watching the sky for the first fluffy, white flakes of snow to descend. Holding your breath in anticipation and dreaming of snowball fights and sleds as well as getting a day off school. That was how last evening was spent with the children; however, the snow did not fall. As a consolation though, school is still canceled because of icy roads and arctic air.

Arctic air seems to be prolific this week. Britain looks like an ice field when seen in satellite pictures and to add to their frozen state, the country is running out of gas. I suppose they will all be running out to the DIY and grabbing any electric heater they can find before stocks run out.

This frozen weather could bring the world to a halt, but who says that is a bad thing. It would be nice to stop all the rush and chaos of everyday life and just be still and breathe. Being forced into this situation, people may feel a sense of delirium and then possibly euphoria when they suddenly find themselves in a point in time and think where did the years go and if they have children – how did they get so big. With the pause in life that the frozen weather brings – we could take stock of our lives and remember the precious things that we forgot in the rush.

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