A paint horse named Snickers

verysmall size A Paint Horse named Snickers

This beautiful horse lives down the road from me at The Southern Cross Ranch in Madison, Georgia. He has a very sweet and inquisitive personality. Paint horses are a beautiful breed with great personalities. This painting is the first horse portrait that I have done; however, I hope to do many more. Hopefully there will be commissions to do in the future.

Our family will be relocating to Abbeville, South Carolina this summer. My husband will be pastoring a church in Greenwood, but we will live in Abbeville near my mother so that I can help her. She has had some serious physical problems this past year and needs assistance. It is difficult to leave Madison, Georgia where we have lived for the past eleven years and made many friends. This summer will be a bit tricky because our house will not be ready until the end of July, and we will be living in a camper when in Abbeville, but will also be back and forth to Madison. Our Madison church has been so loving and kind to us and are letting us remain in the parsonage until our house is ready, which is wonderful. We will not have to worry about moving our furniture until the house is ready. This summer will have many challenges.

Fawn and forest friends

My mom and I watched Bambi together when I was a child and she has always loved this story, so I have painted a little scene recreating portraits of the fawn, rabbit, and skunk in my realistic style. This painting is not finished yet and has gone through many stages. I will be putting in final details, adjusting the composition a little (I found a couple of tangents to correct), and warming the foreground to bring it forward in space. Here are images showing the development of the painting from a very rough idea towards the almost finished piece. In another week or so I will post the final piece.

The image below shows a very rough start. I was just laying out the characters.ptgbambiprogress

The forest setting is being developed and finer details are added to the animals.prog3

I reworked the rabbit and continued laying out the forest.37336492_10216638926713567_8594525164715114496_n

In the next images you will see the details of the setting start to emerge.

forest friends 2progressdeerbabmit5

In the next image, I have reworked the skunk to make him a little larger.


Check back in a couple of weeks to see the final painting. When finished, I will make prints available. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing the progression of this painting.




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Chipping Sparrow, Bumble Bee, Butterfly, shells, and floral still life

This is my latest acrylic painting. I really enjoy the paintings of the dutch golden age and felt inspired to create my own floral still life painting. Ofcourse, I had to incorporate a bird because of my love for them. I captured an image of this little chipping sparrow in my back garden and incorporated him into this still life.


After finishing the still life with the chipping sparrow, I decided to work on a larger painting (3ft x 3ft) of a fawn, skunk, and rabbit. This painting is just beginning, and I will post images when it is complete.


Blue tufted titmouse and bee with floral still life

I am fairly happy with how this colored pencil drawing turned out, and plan on more art inspired by the Dutch golden age. I loved working in colored pencil, but may explore this them in paint too. I think that the medium of colored pencil is becoming more recognized in the fine art world. I used prisma color premier soft core pencils on canson mixed media 98 lb. paper.